Ali Afzal Khan finally reveals why he left the entertainment industry

Ali Afzal Khan was a regular feature on our television screens, playing all sorts of roles. Then suddenly, the actor disappeared, and fans were left wondering what had happened. Khan has finally opened up about what transpired behind his departure from the industry.

Ali has said that he was inspired by singer-turned-preacher, the late Junaid Jamshed, and bid farewell to the showbiz industry.

Talking on a podcast, he said, “I worked in the industry for 20 to 22 years, and during my extensive career, I undertook numerous projects as both an actor and a host. During this time, Junaid Jamshed, who was a renowned Naat reciter and singer, and I, being an actor, often had frequent meetings.”

He began to explore and understand the Holy Quran. However, due to some personal differences, he left hosting duties. “It was during this time that Junaid Jamshed inclined me towards religious preaching. In this period, I spent three days and then 40 days in seclusion, initiating the practice of regular prayer.”

Stressing that it is not easy for an actor who is at the peak of his career to leave it, Khan said, “The decision was difficult for me too but I had made a commitment to myself eight to nine months before leaving showbiz, that I would quit and after that I stopped signing contracts.”

He shared that he is still being offered different roles but he refuses them now.

“But I am still willing to play a historical role, so if someone offers me such a role, I am ready.”

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