Diners in India spit blood after being served ‘dry ice’

Diners at Gurugram City, India, were allegedly served ‘dry ice’ as mouth freshener by a hotel manager leading them to throw up blood.

The unfortunate incident happened on Saturday when five people started vomiting, while also bleeding from the mouth, after they consumed the sugar and spice mix, traditionally served after a meal, reports BBC. The police arrested the manager of the hotel.

As per the initial investigation, it was revealed that the packet contained dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide used as a cooling agent (especially in refrigerators for the preservation of food).


The customers were hospitalized after the incident.

However, the police in Gurugram City, where the restaurant is located, arrested its manager on charges of poisoning “with the intent to cause hurt or harm” on Tuesday.

A search is underway for the owner of the food joint, who is currently absconding.

In their complaint, the customers have also accused the restaurant staff of refusing to help them.

A doctor later examined the contents of the packet of mouth freshener and confirmed it contained dry ice.
The case is under investigation and the police have said they were conducting a forensic analysis of the contents of the mouth freshener.

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