Divorce breaks you, shouldn’t be an ‘easy way out’: Juggan Kazim

Actress and television host Juggan Kazim has made a comeback in the mini-series Gunah, proving that she still has the ability to captivate audiences. Despite facing challenges, including a difficult divorce, she now has a wonderful family with her second husband and openly shares her experiences.

During a guest appearance on Masarrat Misbah’s show, Juggan shared valuable advice for singles considering remarriage, especially moms. She emphasized the importance of taking the time to meet the person, involving the kids in the process, and making a thoughtful decision. Juggan herself followed this approach with her second husband, Faisal Naqvi, taking six months before committing to the relationship. Although Faisal’s kids initially took time to accept their relationship, things eventually worked out.


She said, “Women with children should take a cautious approach, and involve their children in the decision-making process.”
The actress-turned-host highlighted the significance of investing time and effort into blending families, especially when stepchildren are involved. According to Kazim, “Patience is key, as it took time for Faisal’s grown-up children to warm up to their new family dynamics.”

Juggan also expressed her concerns about the trend of easy divorces in today’s society. She shared her personal struggle and highlighted the toll it takes on individuals internally. While she discouraged stigmatizing divorce, she expressed worry that society is normalizing the easy way out, which could influence younger generations. Juggan stressed the importance of making a genuine effort to make a marriage work, as she believes that commitment is lacking in today’s culture.


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