Don’t close car windows fully, advisory tells tourists in Murree

A special advisory has been issued for tourists after the increase in the number of tourists due to snowfall in Murree.

The district administration of Islamabad has decided to stop tourists at the 17-mile point, reports Geo.

According to DC Islamabad Irfan Memon, the decision to stop the entry of tourists to Murree was taken due to the increase in rush as tourists make their way to the hill station to enjoy snowfall.


Irfan Memon says that more tourists will be allowed to enter when the rush eases, adding that the decision was taken after consultation with the Murree district administration.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Taimur Khan has said that awareness pamphlets are being given to the tourists coming to Murree at the entry points.

According to the CTO, only license-holder drivers are allowed to enter Murree, tourists traveling to Murree should use anti-cooling liquid in the vehicle and chain the vehicle tires during snowfall, tourists should also bring extra warm clothes and glasses while driving. Do not cover the exhaust completely as this produces deadly carbon monoxide.

Taimur Khan said that visiting tourists should not park their vehicles wrongly as there is limited parking space in the city.

It is to be noted that back in January 2022, At least 21 people died of hypothermia after heavy snow trapped them in their vehicles as tens of thousands of visitors thronged the resort town of Murree.

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