Dr. Omer Adil says Fahad Mustafa is stressed-out

Dr. Omer Adil, popular television host has been collaborating with YouTuber Haseeb Khan on the channel Ganda Aanda, discussing social issues and media controversies.

In the one of his shows, he gave his analysis on Fahad Mustafa’s controversial statement on YouTubers.

“I don’t know why he gave this statement. Fahad Mustafa must be very stressed because he has been doing a show for many years. He hosts a game show where he has to shout for hours, bringing in families and using them for content. This show has become a big part of his life, and imagine how it affects someone doing it for so long; it must affect his mind. I’m not sure in what state of mind he made such a harsh statement, but you have to consider what he earns his wages through. He earns it after hours of shouting, which must have changed him. Also, the families involved seem to be okay with it.”
The doctor didn’t stop there, saying, “Let me tell you, both are right (YouTubers and Fahad Mustafa). An ordinary YouTuber is surviving through his family content. I know a family from a village in Punjab where the guy makes content with his wife. They introduce each family member as needed, and it’s how they earn money. People eagerly wait for their videos and love watching their content.” You can watch the video where Dr. Omar Adil supports YouTubers who earn a living through their quality content.
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