During the session of the Lok Sabha Assembly, two youths threw a smoke bomb

On the day of the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001, during the ongoing session in the new Lok Sabha Assembly Building, two youths in the visitors’ gallery suddenly jumped towards the MPs’ seating area and entered.

During the meeting, the youths went towards the seats of the members and threw smoke bombs, after which there was chaos in the House and a lot of noise.

The police took timely action and arrested the two youths at the same time. After the incident, the proceedings of the meeting were postponed for a few days.

According to the Indian media, the Delhi Police has also arrested some suspicious persons on the charge of allegedly facilitating the two youths. Looking for him.

According to the police, 4 to 6 people had planned to break into the Lok Sabha, out of which Sagar Sharma and Manurjan D had jumped in from the visitor’s gallery and thrown smoke bombs while Vishal Sharma had provided them accommodation and Amul Shinde and Neelam Devi. were protesting against his arrest outside Parliament House while his sixth accomplice named Lalit is absconding. It is being said that the five arrested youths, including the woman, who are tired of unemployment, belong to different backgrounds.

According to Indian media, the two youths who jumped into the Parliament House, Sagar and Engineering Graduate Manoranjan D, had fraudulently taken passes from BJP MP Pratap Simha to enter the Parliament House.

The opposition is taking the BJP red-handed for such a big security breach in Parliament, and they are facing a lot of trouble because of it.

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