Famous faces visit sunday markets for Ramadan shopping

All that glitters is not gold. It may look very glamorous to be a well-known celebrity but fame comes with the loss of privacy, and stars everywhere have to pay that price.
Hence, we saw Mahira Khan wearing a veil and enjoying a ride on Rickshaw in Bahawalpur with her team.

Mahira’s secret trip came to light because of her makeup artist’s reels on Instagram but this is not the first and only time a celebrity has taken this route. While male actors mask up, the females try out a veil. Recent vlogs of senior actresses Bushra Ansari and Shagufta Ejaz of going to Sunday bazar for shopping show that nothing works better than a buqra for going incognito.


Sunday Bazaars are the best hotspots for budget-friendly shopping in Pakistan, offering everything from groceries to gadgets. It’s not just the locals who flock there; even Pakistani celebrities love exploring these bustling markets. Recently, some familiar faces were spotted on Sunday market escapades, sharing their adventures via vlogs for fans to enjoy.

Meet the Stars:

Shagufta Ejaz: Renowned TV actress Shagufta Ejaz took fans on a tour of her Sunday Bazaar for Ramzan shopping. Ejaz donned a veil as well, stating, “If I will not cover my face, then it will become difficult to shop in Sunday Bazaar because fans will start meeting up.” She also showed the thrift side of the Bazaar where branded bags and other things were available.
Watch her vlog :

Bushra Ansari: The versatile Bushra Ansari, known for her roles in TV and film, also joined the Sunday market fun for Ramzan grocery . Covered up in an abaya and mask, she explored the market’s offerings, snagging kitchen gadgets and fresh fruits. Get a glimpse of her adventure:

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