Gold price sees Rs1,700 per tola dip on last trading day

In the final trading session of the week, the per-tola price of 24 karat gold in Pakistan witnessed a notable decrease, sliding by Rs1,700. The precious metal was traded at Rs216,000, compared to its previous rate of Rs217,700.

Similarly, the price of 10 grammes of 24 karat gold experienced a decline of Rs1,458, settling at Rs185, as opposed to its earlier value of Rs186,643.

Meanwhile, the prices of 10 grammes of 22-karat gold also observed a dip, reaching Rs169,753 from Rs171,089, according to a report by the All Sindh Sarafa Jewellers Association.

The per-tola and ten-gramme silver prices remained unchanged, standing at Rs2,600 and Rs2,229.08, respectively.

On the global front, the price of gold faced a decrease of $15 in the international market, falling to $2,059 from its previous value of $2,074, as reported by the Association.

These fluctuations in the precious metals market highlight the dynamic nature of the economic landscape, influencing both domestic and international trade.

Investors and consumers alike are keeping a close eye on these developments as they navigate the ever-changing market conditions.

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