Here’s why Samsung is not making displays for the new iPhone SE

Apple is currently in the development phase of the iPhone SE (4th generation), with reports indicating that the tech giant intends to utilise the same display technology found in the iPhone 13 for its upcoming model.

In recent developments, it was revealed last month that three major companies—BOE, Samsung Display, and Tianma—were competing to secure contracts for supplying display panels for the iPhone SE 4.

Initial bids for the panel prices were submitted, with Samsung Display proposing the lowest price at USD 30 per unit, followed by BOE at USD 35 and Tianma at USD 40. However, Apple remained firm on its budget, not willing to exceed USD 20 per unit.

Recent reports from IT Home suggest that Samsung Display has opted out of the negotiations due to pricing issues.

Consequently, Apple has forged a partnership with BOE, the second-largest supplier among the contenders, to procure display panels for the iPhone SE (4th generation) at a rate of USD 25 per unit.

It’s noteworthy that, despite Samsung Display initially offering the lowest price, it was unable to further reduce its price point.

On the other hand, BOE, which initially quoted USD 5 higher than Samsung Display, managed to undercut the South Korean company’s proposed price.

This development marks a significant loss for Samsung Display, as it will not be providing display panels for the iPhone SE 4.

Speculations arise as to why Samsung Display withdrew from negotiations.

It is possible that the company recognised the potential for higher profits by focusing on supplying displays for the iPhone 15 series rather than pursuing contracts for the iPhone SE 4, where profit margins would be significantly narrower.

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