Indian actress, accused of stealing gold, threatens police with suicide

South Indian actress and popular social media influencer, Soumya Shetty, found herself in hot water after being arrested for allegedly stealing 150 tolas of gold. Indian media reports confirm Shetty’s arrest in connection with the gold theft.

According to the FIR filed by retired government employee Prasad, he and Shetty became friends during a film audition. Shetty, impressed by Prasad’s hospitality, started frequenting his house, even using his washroom. Recently, Prasad’s family discovered that the gold was missing upon returning from a wedding. Allegedly, Shetty made off with nearly a kilogram of gold, indulging in a lavish lifestyle in Goa.

Soumya Shetty has also appeared in movies like ‘The Trip’ and ‘Yours Lovingly’.


Police have started investigation with the help of fingerprints and CCTV footage from 11 people including Soumya Shetty, recovering 74 grams of gold during the investigation.

During the investigation, Soumya told the police she couldn’t return the remaining gold and threatened to end her life if the authorities forced her to do so.

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