Kiran Rao did something unusual when she divorced Aamir Khan

Even though they got divorced, Aamir Khan is often seen in public with his ex-wife, Kiran Rao. Kiran was a big part of their daughter Ira Khan’s wedding. Recently, Kiran talked about her divorce with Aamir Khan for the first time.

“Marriage can be tough for anyone,” said Kiran Rao, “We’ve had our disagreements, but we’ve never had big fights. It’s strange, but Aamir and I never really fought.” Kiran also mentioned that Aamir Khan Productions supported her latest film.

From Kiran’s words, it’s clear that she still lives in the same building as the famous actor. Speaking to India TV, Kiran said that explaining things to the family was tough because society didn’t understand, and their opinions couldn’t be changed.


Kiran explained that divorce is seen as a bad thing in society, but their situation was different. People usually think divorce means completely separating, but for them, it’s a different kind of divorce. It might take some time for society to understand and accept it.

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