Pak Suzuki hikes prices, Cultus AGS now priced above Rs4.5 million

In response to inflationary pressures and rising overhead costs, Pak Suzuki has announced a significant hike in car prices, impacting models across the range.

The adjustments, ranging from Rs80,000 to Rs180,000, are set to take effect on March 1, 2024.

Shafiq Ahmed Shaikh, Head of Corporate Affairs at Pak Suzuki, explained the rationale behind the decision, citing factors such as inflation, increased overhead expenses, higher international raw material and accessory costs, and elevated shipment and freight charges.

The latest adjustments mean that the top-of-the-line model, Alto VXL AGS, will now be available at Rs3.045 million, reflecting a price increase of Rs110,000.

However, the most significant surge is observed in the Cultus AGS, with its new price set at Rs4.546 million, following an increase of Rs180,000.

This move by Pak Suzuki aims to navigate the challenges posed by the current economic landscape, ensuring the sustainability of operations amid various cost escalations.

Customers will experience the impact of these changes as they come into effect, marking a new pricing structure for Suzuki vehicles in Pakistan.

Here are the new prices for all Suzuki cars:

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