Receiving Rupees with Ease: How International Buyers can Pay You through Google Pay in Pakistan

Ah, the sweet sound of international clients! But the symphony often stumbles on the discordant note of receiving their payments. Worry not, Pakistani freelancers and entrepreneurs, for Google Pay might just be the missing harmony in your financial orchestra.

However, a valid question hangs in the air: how exactly can international buyers send you money through Google Pay in Pakistan? Let’s unravel the musicality of this process:

Step 1: Set the Stage (for Wise)

Google Pay, in its current form, doesn’t facilitate direct international money transfers in Pakistan. But fret not, for a reliable partner, Wise, comes into play. You’ll need to link your Wise account to Google Pay. Don’t have one? Creating one is a breeze, and it unlocks a world of cross-border transactions.

Step 2: Compose the Melody (Sendable Link)

Once your Wise account is linked, the magic begins. Open the Google Pay app, tap “Send or request,” and select your contact (your international buyer, of course!). Now, instead of entering an amount, choose “Request money.” This generates a unique, shareable link for your buyer.

Step 3: Let the Buyer Conduct the Symphony (Payment Through Wise)

Send your buyer the link – via email, chat, or carrier pigeon if you fancy. On their end, it’s as simple as clicking the link, entering their payment details through Wise, and confirming the transaction.

Step 4: Enjoy the Harmonious Finale (Receiving Funds)

Once your buyer completes the payment, the funds land seamlessly in your linked Wise account. You can then transfer them to your local bank account in PKR at your convenience, all within the Google Pay app.

Benefits of this Google Pay + Wise Duet:

  • Fast and convenient: Skip the tedious paperwork and bank visits. Receive money in minutes, not days.
  • Transparent fees: Know the exact conversion rate and transfer fees upfront, no hidden surprises.
  • Secure and reliable: Both Google Pay and Wise prioritize security, ensuring your transactions are safe and sound.

Bonus Tip: Don’t let currency fluctuations disrupt your rhythm. Wise offers smart features like price alerts and multi-currency accounts to help you manage your finances like a financial maestro.

Remember, this method is currently available for business accounts on Sadapay, a Pakistani fintech platform. So, if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, get yourself signed up to join the harmonious flow of international payments.

With Google Pay and Wise harmonizing your finances, receiving international payments in Pakistan becomes a melody of ease and convenience. So, go forth, Pakistani entrepreneurs and freelancers, and let the world pay you the rupees you deserve!

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