Why we are voting PTI

Being young adults, we never participated actively in politics. PTI’s election 2018 campaign was so effective that it captivated the attention of young people and encouraged them to get involved in politics.

The voter turnout among young people was incredibly high, with an estimated 20 to 30 percent of people voting for the first time in the 2018 elections. Imran Khan and his team ensured that the youth became the driving force of his campaign.

The 2018 manifesto’s major part was dedicated to youth. Another element for targeting the youth was the ratio of youth in Pakistan and how they actively use digital platforms, and Khan and his team, made sure to persuade us to make the most of it.

In 2018, Pakistan was filled with excitement and hope for a new political tradition, with new leadership promising a better Pakistan. PTI’s anti-corruption narrative inspired young people to participate in the election. The urban middle class, which had historically been excluded from family dynasties, saw an opportunity to rebuild the country’s political structure through a merit-based reward system.

The phrase ‘Naya Pakistan’ resonated with educated youth. There were two categories of people who joined the PTI: those who wanted a meritocratic, inclusive, and successful Pakistan, and those who were disillusioned with previous leaders.

After winning in 2018, Khan announced big plans for the benefit of the youth. PTI’s government launched various revolutionary projects to empower and advance the youth.

Khan initiated the “Kamiyaab Jawan” Program on 11th July 2019 for the youth’s betterment and another initiative was the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the “Ehsaas Programme.”

From 2018 to 2022, Khan actively worked for the welfare and involvement of the youth and the poor. He never surrendered his state’s sovereignty, and when a no-confidence motion was launched against him, he became extremely active on social media, encouraging youth involvement and participation to support him on digital platforms.

After the no-confidence motion, the youth were devastated and out on the streets for their leader.

Imran Khan received widespread support, both nationally and internationally. Digital campaigns were launched to support the injustices committed against the PTI. PTI launched campaigns involving peaceful protests around the country. But the opposition was outraged by the enormous support for the PTI and launched a crackdown.

In spite of all the cases and propaganda against Khan, we are still standing behind him. The youth continue to provide him with unmatched support. His youth-oriented ideology is the motivation behind his support. Despite the chaos, supporters do not back down or fear anything.

We, as young adults, continue to support Imran Khan and will always do so. No matter what happens, we will vote for him.

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